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Raise Partnership Ltd are a Strategic Project Management Consultancy who have delivered some amazing local projects; one of which is the fantastic redevelopment of Perdiswell Leisure Centre in Worcester. 

Richard and Elizabeth contacted us initially to design a new logo for their business. They were looking to bid for some local projects of interest to them and needed to raise their profile and visual identity in order to do so. 

We worked together to create a set of four logos in total; Raise Partnership as the main  brand with Raise People, Raise Places, and Raise Performance as three sub-brands. We used colour to bring these sub-brands together within the main brand and ‘raised’ the axis and apex of the letter A to tie it all in together.

Once the logo was completed we worked on their new website design, where we utilised lots of heavy diagonal sections within the design to really graphically build on the concept of ‘moving forward’ and ‘raising expectations’.

Thank you so much for our new logos and website design – we can’t wait to get these produced into a fully functioning website!
Thank you again x

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