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Whether you’re a startup looking to make your mark or an established Pershore brand looking for a digital facelift, we’ve got the expertise, passion and experience to deliver remarkable website design results… and we’re right on your doorstep in Pershore.

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Stand out from the crowd

Nowadays anyone can build a website. Whether that website sets you apart from your competition is another matter entirely. Unlock the potential of your brand with exceptional web design.

Attract more customers

We use a tried and tested '10 point website conversion audit' to make sure you attract and convert your ideal customers. This combined with our web design expertise will propel your business to the next level of success.

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Does your brand reflect your expertise? Is your messaging correct, effective and coherent across all touchpoints? Does your website explain how you solve your customers' problems clearly?

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Every project starts with a conversation

Pershore Web Design projects

Dolphin Tec

We work with ambitious businesses and startups looking to improve their website. Take your business website to the next level and start converting your visitors into sales.

Lewis Dolphin | Managing Director

Smart Trees

‘We have worked with Olive Tree Creative for several years now on various projects. Vicky and the team deliver high quality design focusing on attention to detail. They are very approachable, and their communication is super-efficient. Vicky and the team provide an excellent service and we would not hesitate to recommend. Thank you.’

Louise Watts | Sales & Marketing

Happy Pets Pershore

‘Vicky and Adam were fantastic in designing our new website – we are getting a lot of business through it. They are both very professional and I would trust them with everything. I would highly recommend Olive Tree Creative.’

Tammy Lee | Happy Pets

Who we are

Hi, we’re Vicky & Adam, the husband & wife team behind Olive Tree Creative. We help Pershore businesses like yours to take the next step in your business by offering a range of marketing solutions including graphic design, web design, digital marketing and small business growth programmes. 

We are a small (but perfectly formed!) family-run design studio in Pershore with lots of connections to get your business growing.  We love what we do and you’ll quickly find our enthusiasm is contagious.

We understand how much time and energy goes into building a business, so we’re here to help; by offering the marketing solutions you’ve always dreamt of so you get on with doing what you love.

We would love to find out more about your business, your goals and be involved with your successful growth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the number one question that we get asked about websites and for most people they already know the answer. It boils down to the size of the project and the amount of work it takes to deliver the project.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Size of the website:

Quite simply, a website with 5 pages can be delivered faster than a 10 page website and a 10 page can be delivered quicker than a 20 page website can be delivered. It’s no different to any project in most businesses in the world, the bigger the project the longer time it takes.

The features on in the website:

Just like cars, websites can be simple or complex. A basic website is like a standard Dacia Duster — it does the job well without any fancy extras. But if you want a website with lots of custom graphic design like a BMW with luxury exterior and interior finishes, it will cost more. Features in a website are like the add-ons in a car. Navigation systems, Bluetooth, and heated seats in a car are like e-commerce capabilities, interactive forms, and multimedia content on a website. More features mean a higher price.

So in summary, the price can vary based on what you’re looking for—similar to how you’d choose between a basic model or a fully-loaded car. We have website’s that start as low as £600 and then upwards of £4,000. We aim to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of businesses. Our website design customers tend to be small businesses, lots of which are based close to us in Pershore. Working with local businesses gives us a great sense of pride in helping our local community. That’s not to say we don’t work with businesses from other areas (we’ve had clients in Portugal before!) – every project starts with a conversation and that’s made a whole lot easier with video communication tools like google meet.   

A few industries we’ve built websites for include:  Construction, IT Equipment, Restaurants and cafes,  Health and Wellness,  Accountants, Retail, Events & Coaching. 

To read more about the companies we’ve worked with check out our case studies page

We are often in the business of customers comparing prices and quotes that we have given. It’s not something that has really bothered us as a company. We’re not a cheap company, but we have ways of keeping our costs down. 

Honestly there are plenty of companies out there that charge less than us and plenty that charge significantly more than us. We base all our prices on how we value our services, not on how others value theirs. We also understand that some customers are purely price driven and that’s fine too. Ultimately like all businesses we are looking after our profit to enable longevity in providing our services. We’ve been in business for over 10 years now.

The length of a website project delivery is based on a few things:

  1. The size of the project – how big is the website and what work needs to be done? A 20 page website will take a lot longer to build than a 5 page website!
  2. The readiness of assets and content – are you ready to hand over all the final copy & imagery you would like on your site? (Don’t worry if you’re not – we work with expert copywriters and can also organise photography and stock imagery if you require them)

We can deliver a smaller website in 7 days but most projects take 4-6 weeks or more to complete.

Yes! We regularly work with a very talented copywriter – get in touch and we can add this to your quote.

We understand the importance of cash flow and offer monthly payment options for our websites. We like to take a 25% deposit to get started. This shows us you are serious about what you wanting to achieve. 

You can contact us using our contact form and we will send you a form to fill out to find out a little bit more about you and your business before we meet (either in person, over the phone or over zoom). We find this really helps us to understand what you’re looking to achieve through working with us. Once we’ve had a chat and we have a better idea of your brief we can send you a quote and go from there.


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